Love Yourself

What does it mean to really “love yourself?” To really love your Self you must love “all” of you; the whole Self, that is the sum of all Creation. No excuses, no judgments of any kind. Love cannot be separated into little bits, some to be given and others withheld. Love is God, extending and being recognized. To love a divided Self is meaningless because, in truth, there is no Self that is divisible. It is the whole enchilada or nothing, because if there is an exception, guess who that is going to be? We have so much trouble with this issue because all of our justifications for separateness are now called to question. Our guilt is having a field day! now finding so much more it can point to to validate our guilt and fear. All of the substitutes we have used to avoid “really,” actually loving now no longer will work. We must squarely face the issue of surrendering our perception to the recognition that our story has been nothing but a dream, and that scares the #*#* out of us.