Loves Reality

August 21, 2014. (from Linda)
For over twenty-seven years I have studied ACIM almost daily, trying to understand how to experience the application of what is taught in those many inspiring pages. This particular morning, I stopped reading, put the book down, and sat there, simply letting myself feel so much love and gratitude for its Author. As I was immersed in that wonderful feeling, I mentally received this instruction: “Now extend that love.”
I was willing to do so. To my amazement, I then began to experience an awareness of that Loving feeling expanding like an omnipresent wave, spreading Love like an exquisite blanket of light moving over and replacing all the many forms of separation that I normally might define as the “world”. It was a Vision of such beautiful, indefinable Love my words cannot adequately define it. In that moment, I first felt, and then realized, what all the teachings of non-duality have been trying to tell us: There absolutely is a unity without form and far more beautiful than words of anything my ego’s focus can imagine. Definitions aren’t needed here for I was aware that there was nothing separate, no forms of anything; just the flow of Love in which all of Creation, including “me”, exists. It is Perfection of Unity beyond my imagination.
While I have not been able to have this kind of experience through my many years of trying to understand ACIM, I suspect it is significant that I did experience it within a minute or two of opening my heart to a deep feeling of Love and gratitude that I can always easily feel for our beloved Teacher. I suspect that you too can use that loving feeling for “him” as a similar means to expand into a greater awareness of Love’s reality. You won’t be alone.