Oneness Changes Everything

We find it impossible to even imagine that we make this world when we identify ourselves as the impotent and insignificant character in our story. This character seems cut-off from everything, alone in a place he must struggle to even exist. But imagine for a moment that this character is actually connected to every other character in his world; sharing their thoughts, pursuing the same goals, deeply and irrevocably loving them – yet pretending all the while to be cut-off and in conflict with them. To be able to do such a thing is the stuff mythic gods are made of. But this is just what we do, pretend and play games and try to make real what only exists in a dream. Be it a brother or a mystical god or our loving Creator, nothing exists that is not part of us. The meaning and purpose of everything changes as we recognize this is our truth. When what was divided now becomes one, the reality of Love is remembered. Now the Face of Christ is all that is seen and only God’s Voice can be heard.