Our Identity With God

When we judge anyone for the senseless story we all tell we deny our identity with God. We then unleash the endless possibilities of why and how his “sin” and ours might be true. It is the experience of these being untrue that becomes our world of fear, of pain and suffering. It is a world ruled by attack and defense. But the world is not a “bad” place. It is merely the story we tell of punishing this “bad” person we have made to take the place of the holy child of God. For just a moment, imagine that everyone in the world, regardless of their behavior, is the perfect Child of God Who has amnesia. How will you treat them now? Would you condemn or try to help them? This is the function of forgiveness; to help us see a call for love and free our Mind to accept His Love for both of us. Are we as He created us, or the character in the story we make up? Our answer is reflected in the amount of peace we have in our world.