Perfect Trust

A perfect trust in the love of God would free us from all our thoughts of fear. But in this “world,” perception, of duality we seem to live alternately in both; a kind of peninsula between trust and despair. We fear that totally trusting in God’s Will and His Plan for our awakening, we would have to sacrifice what we have come to believe will make us happy and keep our bodies safe. We fail to see that this “person” we would keep safe and make happy is only a character in a story we are telling about “sin and separation;” a tale of being guilty and unworthy. It is not hard to see why we would not trust this unlovable character to God’s Plan for our awakening. It is only too plain why we would expect sacrifice and pain to be asked of us. Yet if it is peace and joy we want, we must find the Child of God that feels deserving and is available to accept them. This deserving Child will not be found in a world made to deny his existence. Our choice is clear, yet so very difficult to accept. We must decide, is the world a physical place? Does our belief give rise to this world we see, or does our belief come from our experience of it? Will it be the character or the dreamer who awakens from the dream? There will be no perfect trust in God or in His Plan while thinking this world expresses His Will and must be fixed to keep us safe. Death of the body will remain a symbol of the loss of life and our trust in God will still be frail. Love the self you see. Love your brother as if he was the most holy Child of God. Make room in your mind for a loving world to appear and try not to be surprised at its coming.