Purpose Of The Holy Spirit

The purpose of the Holy Spirit is often misunderstood. We have a tendency to think of It as a source of guidance when we have a problem. We have forgotten this is God’s Gift to totally replace our ego’s perception. To better remember this, invite the Thought of God into your quiet mind. Acknowledge your desire to join with Him and accept the Gift He brings. Remind yourself this is the opportunity God has given us to replace our thoughts of pain and lack, of hate and fear and death. Reflect a moment on the full impact of what this means. This is God’s Plan for your own awakening. It will always be available now to replace the ego’s familiar plan of despair. It is not just there to guide you, but to remind you of your “real,” loving Self. Feel your connection to God’s Thought, so close now in your mind. This is your “right” mind, your real thoughts, your connection to your Source. It is given you to replace entirely your ego’s perception. Use it then all the time, for everything, and let love become the basis for your choices and the world you see.