Recognizing What Is Real

Recognizing “wholeness” means recognizing that all Thoughts in God’s Mind are in our mind as well, for It is the same Mind. Yet how difficult it is to accept that we are, right now, the wholly loving, perfectly peaceful Presence of God. The story we tell seems so compelling that just the opposite is true. The presence of strife and conflict in our world makes it easy to proclaim there is a “devil” or an ego that is responsible for what seems so opposite of what we think we want. But would God create a presence opposite to Himself? Does Love need hate to know what It is? Or is this the ego trying to justify hates existence? But whether we name it devil or ego it is a thought in our mind and we can change it. Jesus tells us that learning depends on recognizing what is real and what is not. He explains that what is real expresses the will and intention of Love which is wholly unified with all God’s Thoughts that are expressing Him, and with those Thoughts then endlessly doing the same. What does not express that unified Will is unknown to “Truth” and literally does not exist within It. “Nothing real can be threatened. Nothing unreal exists.” We seem confronted now with two “realities,” one unfolding within the ego consciousness of the belief in sin and separation, the other surfacing in our awareness as we learn to trust more in the reality of our God Self and recognize the Truth we find there. In every moment we admit that it is Love we really want we remember the Will we share with God and do not question what is real.