Refuse To Judge

Refuse to judge or try to change what God has given us to love. It does little good to change what you see until you have changed how truthfully you can see it. Love whatever self you now see. If it seems to be in a body, love it. If it appears to be weak or judgmental, forgive that perception and love it. What we seek here is to change our mind about the reality of what we see, not to evaluate or purify what we have already condemned. “Show me how to see this differently,” must be our prayer.
Jesus tells us in many ways, “There is no sin in the Mind of God, outside of which is nothing.” Forgive this character you have condemned to suffer and to die alone. Step back from condemning him and free the Love of the Dreamer to emerge. Experience the joy and freedom of knowing the Innocence of God is present in all He has created. Know just this and you will feel the breath of Heaven rest gently on your cheek.