Risk Being Free

We have the need to make the world as we would have it because we think we know what will keep us safe, make us happy and feel loved. We do not realize that in the pursuit of these goals we actually perpetuate what we are trying to escape. We think what keeps us safe is making someone else responsible for our guilt. We think what will make us happy is finding someone who will love us in spite of all our faults. Yet with each projection we make, each one we find who will share our guilt, we have solidified and made more real the misperceptions that are the cause of feeling vulnerable, unhappy and unloved. The truth is, we do not know what makes us feel safe, happy or loved. But until we acknowledge this simple fact and let our God Self choose for us, we will continue to try to remodel this world and resist letting go of all the misperceptions that make it seem real. All of them. For as long as we think we do know, all we perceive to be true remains an illusion. Our trust still remains with what we fear and what will set us free is what seems to be the dream. Say then to your God Self, “Choose for me. I am ready to risk being free.”