Something Missing?

Tom to Brother: After all these years of study it feels as though there is still a piece missing from my awareness.
B: “It is not so much a piece is missing, but your acceptance of the significance of a piece you have, but have not yet recognized its importance or full impact on the other pieces. You haven’t yet grasped the significance of my teaching that you are whole and perfect just the way you are, right now. You have been intent on needing to change the image you have made of yourself, the character in your story of the world, but this is not you. This “person” does not exist outside the boundaries of your world. And your attempts to change him while he seems to play your role only strengthen your belief there is something wrong with you; that you have changed your God created Self and become what you now imagine your body’s eyes can see. You have never changed God’s Creation. Forgive this character for he is only made from strands of fear and guilt, thoughts you cannot justify in Truth. Let the love that is hidden by your self-rejection be allowed to emerge and express Itself.
Forgive and accept the only one you have ever really condemned and you will discover no one is unlovable. You will see it is you who is the presence and expression of God’s Love. So however you identify yourself, find no reason not to accept and love that self.
You have agonized over identifying yourself as a body. I encourage you to let this go. In this moment it does not matter whether you imagine you have a body or not. But it does matter that you love and accept whatever self you see. To know yourself, the one thing that you cannot be without is the feeling of Loving. It is what expresses the essential nature of Who and What you Are. It is what restores the memory of our Oneness, for Love embraces All that it sees and erases any symbol of separateness that may remain. Finding yourself is accepting the Love within you that yearns for the experience of connecting to All that was created with you. You ARE Love. You have bottled up within you this Love that wants to extend and embrace everyone it sees. Free it now to express itself without any of the restrictions your perception would impose. Nothing will then seem missing.