Stop Resisting What You Are!

Happy holidays dear friends! Sorry about the lag in postings – I have been in the hospital, having managed to pick up a bacteria “guilt” bug. I’m home now and improving every day. Had this insight this morning: Awakening to the truth of ourselves would be so much simpler if we would only stop resisting what we already are. We fail to recognize that all our years of study and learning the truth of who we are is largely negated because at a very deep level we do not want what God created us to be. We want instead what we have tried to make of ourselves; the character in the story we tell. As insane as it may be, we prefer out world of bodies, of pain and suffering, of fear and death, to Heaven’s eternal peace and joy and the comfort of Loves embrace. Our goal is to create a perfectly loving ego in a peaceful world of separate bodies. It is an impossible dream. But there is another way to see this world until we are ready to let it go. We can change its purpose from crucifying God’s Son to forgiving him; from being a place he comes to die, to one of finding his innocence. Thought by thought we can refuse to judge what happens in a world that is not real. We can look for ways to offer peace and love to those who do not believe they can have it. We can begin to accept God’s Plan for our awakening. Much love to everyone!