As We Learn

As we learn to accept that our ego consciousness is a shared experience, we better understand that each choice to forgive when hate seems called for will change the course the world has followed. As each of us begins to practice forgiveness together, the network effect spreads, perhaps in different forms, but always as a unified effort, offering a way to come together and change the purpose of the world we now experience.

Making our world a peaceful place is not an insurmountable task for there are no obstacles to peace that we together have not imposed. But to change our world we must decide if we will live by the laws of love or hate. These are the choices forgiveness helps us make.

If you want to give welcome to a loving world, then start today by laying its foundation in your determination to see the face of love that is everywhere around you now, though it may be hiding behind a mask of guilt and fear. If this seems difficult, remember that what you actually see is not in the world, but an image in your mind, expressing a reflection of how you see yourself. If you would like to find your “loving self,” join us as a part of the Forgiveness Movement Support Network to share the path of forgiveness with others who also have decided they are ready to be free!

Be Part of a Support Network

The heart of The Forgiveness Movement is a Support Network. It is a joining of those who are willing to practice forgiveness in the cause of peace and unity. It is our intention to join in the awareness that there is an alternative to hate and conflict, to deprivation and suffering. We will support one another in our intention to look for peace and innocence instead of making choices that perpetuate conflict and guilt. It will be our purpose to practice the following:

  1. Bring at least one unloving thought each day to the Presence of Truth in our Mind and commit to letting it go. We will look for opportunities to consciously forgive past judgments and share with others the awareness this brings.

  2. Consciously make ourselves available to help others learn and use the forgiveness process.

  3. Practice daily holding the vision of an innocent and forgiven world.

  4. Support one another in our intention to look for peace and innocence instead of making choices that perpetuate conflict and guilt.

  5. Join with the rest of the Forgiveness Network to bring comfort and a healing Vision to those experiencing personal trauma as well as the painful impact of global “disasters” such as earthquakes, hurricanes, war, famine, disease, etc.

Our joining to give and receive support will be an opportunity to experience ourselves as part of a network dedicated to extending healing through joining. It will be our constant reminder that Oneness is our goal. And having learned to look for innocence instead of guilt we will accept that what had seemed before to be attack we now will see and answer as a call for love.

“A mind set free of the need to judge has had the greatest of all burdens lifted from it.”