Take The Trip

Extending our Self as God’s Expression of Creation is our natural function. But when we come to think that sin is real, we use this sense of purpose to extend our misperception that there is something wrong with us. We call this “projection.” The major difference, however, is that when it is love we extend, joining and unity is the effect but when it is projected guilt it results in separation. What we don’t recognize is that every judgment confirms the validity of hate that spawned it. Love is the life force that forever moves and expands creation, but we are blind to that until do the forgiveness and open our sight to what exists beyond our perception. There is another way to see that literally does not exist for us until we have let forgiveness choose a different goal for our seeing. Linda phrased it nicely: “To awaken and experience God’s Love you must take the forgiveness trip, not just read the brochure.” Sign up. Take the trip. Join in the adventure of loving.