The Adventure Of Loving

I am amazed at how much time I spend affirming what is not true about me, much of which has likely done the opposite and affirmed these untrue things to be real and true. I am not a body. I am not the character in my story. All of this is true and necessary to understand. But I also feel the need to positively remind myself of what is true. I remember now Brother saying, ”Where you are in the process of loving determines your ability to recognize the truth of yourself.” He tells us we are the very Presence of God’s Love; the “Light” of the world. I feel the phrase arise, “I am the adventure of loving.” It continues, “I am spirit. I am peace and light. I am life. I am the adventure of loving.” It feels good. If it also feels good and truthful to you, please join me. We are life and life is the adventure of loving.