The Dream Of Sin

In our dream of separation the beliefs we hold in our mind form the foundation of the world we see. Our beliefs now spring from the thought that there is something wrong with us; that we have sinned and condemned ourselves to die. And so our dreams are fearful, hurting dreams, confirming our belief. These dreams will end when the dream of sin is gone. All fear and pain, all hate and loss are gone when what has caused them is no more. We pretend to live in a world that shapes our thoughts, when it is just the opposite that is true; It is not the world, or a brother who would attack us that makes our world a dangerous place; it is our thought that we have sinned. It is not a virus that makes our body ill, or a hurricane that wrecks destruction on us. Forgive this thought of sin in all its many disguises. It is our thoughts that make our world; it is ourselves we fear. And it is ourselves we must forgive. Only our thoughts can hurt us; only our thoughts can keep us separate from God and from our holy, loving Self. There are no magic, future moments to imagine this will happen. Forgiveness is a moment-to-moment response to every urge to judge and make sin real. Forgive this one idea. All our dreams will end when the dream of sin and death is gone. Sin is not real. “Swear not to die, you holy Son of God. You make a promise you cannot keep.”