The Forgiven World

As this day passes and another takes its place,
I let my thoughts of sin,
of separation, fear and judgment,
pass with it.
I choose instead to accept my holiness,
along with yours,
and welcome a forgiven world into our mind.
I choose to believe
that endless peace and joy
awaits us in this world
where every thought begins with love
and ends with just the same.
I trust that should I falter in my resolve,
there is a light in us
that you will hold for me while I remember.
I do not make this choice alone,
for we are but parts of one whole Self.
We go to truth joined as one,
or we go there not at all.
So take my hand as I take His,
Remembering that as we do
We once again become
The Presence of a Love that will bring peace
To our forever holy Mind.