The Light In You

There is a light in you that you cannot now see. There is a love and joy in you that you cannot now feel. You cannot see or feel them because they connect you to your brother and it is this you have long tried to avoid. Yet it is this light that shines away the darkness that hides what you have always sought. This Light of love and joy has always existed everywhere but has gone unrecognized because you have denied its very home. You have sought it everywhere outside of you and so could not recognize its presence where you really wanted it the most and where it has always been. Your name is very holy because it expresses the Thought of God. It is your brothers name as well. Neither can be called but that both must answer. Help your brother remember that his name is yours. See him exactly as you see yourself with no distinctions made for the stories each of you might tell. Ask to see him in the Light and hear the one name that calls you Home together. Join with him and find what you thought was missing in you.