The Light of Forgiveness

The Light of forgiveness is the experience of loving. Forgive the world and let it become Heaven’s reflection of God’s Love, here and now. It can and will become that when we recognize it has always been that way; when we remove the blinders from our eyes and let His Light illuminate and give new meaning to what we see. We are the light of the world because we are God’s creation of Light. It is our function to extend this Light because it is the way His Presence Lives and is recognized everywhere. Forgiveness removes the lie of sin from our awareness leaving nothing to distinguish between Heaven and earth. Forgiveness is our function here to show us that Heaven is within us now and will appear whenever and wherever we use it and allow It to shine through. Remember this when you are uncertain how to help a world that seems so deeply entrenched in turmoil and fear, of lack and hopelessness. This is a state of mind, a dream of darkness that will only change when seen within the Light of Love and not the dream of sin. We are that Light. There is no sin. God’s Vision shows us this. His Love is here and now and everywhere that we are willing to be it. That is our function, our happiness when we forgive and become the Light of Love.