The Name You Call Your Self

No thought you imagine you think apart from God has any real meaning because you cannot be apart from God. Any experience that arises from those thoughts is equally unreal. That doesn’t mean the experience didn’t happen, but it had no meaning or effect outside the story that supported the untrue, unreal thought. ACIM refers to these stories as “dreams,” because their effects register only while we are “asleep” to the reality of who we are. Yet it is our confusion and insistence that these stories are real that anchors us within them. To break the cause and effect cycle we must change what motivates our thinking. Guilt is the motivator now, pushing our thoughts to judgments that separate us and make us unhappy. If we want a loving experience we must want our thoughts to be loving. Pick someone you love to judge. We all have lots of them. Ask what traits you see in them that you see in yourself. Don’t be satisfied until you see the truth; it has always been yourself you judge. You only know these “others” thru your perception of what you think is wrong with you. Now ask for help on how to forgive and love this one that you don’t really know, this one who answers to the name you call your Self.