The Peace Of God

In Heaven, nothing opposes the Peace of God. There is no conflict to overcome before peace is ours. We also have it in our mind now, here in the world we have made. What is in our mind does not leave its source, even when unremembered. The reason it escapes our awareness now is that we do not acknowledge being the “Self” who has it. We imagine instead we are the guilty character in the story of separation we are telling, ignorant of our truth. We have tried to divide this Self into many different, conflicting parts to avoid the blame our imagined sin imposes. There is no lasting peace for this self that we have judged. To accept the Peace of God we must forgive this self and let our love find the whole and undivided Self that it was given to; the one who ever so slightly remembers he still remains in Heaven, where nothing opposes the Peace of God.