The Power Of Intention

There is within us the perfect guide to peace and happiness. We mostly, however, misunderstand its purpose. We think our peace and happiness depend on the things we choose and so we look for guidance for the things we do. And we are frequently frustrated when we cannot hear which choice to make. We have forgotten all things will serve the purpose we have given them. They will ultimately fulfill or disappoint us based solely on the goal that we have given them. Recall how frequently Jesus advises us that to see something differently we must change the meaning we have given it.
When you seeking guidance, then, about which choice to make, ask what you can bring to the choice rather than what the choice will bring to you, for that is what will determine its outcome for you. When you decide what outcome you would have the choice you make must bring it to you. Ask to be given the willingness to receive peace and happiness. Ask to be shown how to offer peace and happiness to others. Both of these must bring peace and happiness to you.
We are the creators of our universe. We will determine if it is a loving or a fearful place. The purpose of accepting and using the guidance of our God Self is to demonstrate what our “world” will be when we bring our love to it.