The Power Of Our Thoughts

A Dialogue with Jesus
“While focusing on the physical world, it is difficult for you to be aware of the impact of your thinking. You are accustomed to presuming things there have a physical cause. This is why your role of holding an inner vision of a forgiven world is so significant for that is where changes in the awareness of the ego’s consciousness occur. But as you do this please remember it is the Holy Spirit that uses your intention for this vision in circumstances and in ways you cannot see.
“You have not fully recognized the scope of how your thoughts are used, frequently in ways you would not recognize. You are still accustomed to using guidance communication on the direct level of receiving a specific answer to a specifically perceived need. It is time for you now to see how the sureness of your loving intention can be used to bring assurance to one in doubt about any issue at all.
“Give no thought to what you may perceive as the distance, cultural or language barriers that may seem prohibitive. You cannot be further from anyone than you are from me at this moment. And it is not your “language” that communicates your intent.
“The magic of separation seems to be real only when you look outward, but within your mind, there is no distance that separates you from any part of God’s Creation, which is your whole Self. Nor is there distinction made between the many forms of fear to which your loving presence can bring healing.
“I have asked you on occasion to direct your thoughts to circumstances that needed help that you were present to give. I asked you to do this that you might be aware of the impact your thoughts have everywhere, though you were unaware of the circumstances for which they were being used.
“The thing to always remember is that no intention directed toward the truth is ever wasted. No thought that expresses love ever goes unheard.”
Q: Does this apply to everyone’s loving thoughts?
“Yes. Thoughts are not proprietary though you may attempt to use them in that way. Though I must say that thoughts you try to hide will rarely have value to the Holy Spirit for they come from your desire to be separate.
“Let me give you a simple explanation of what I mean. You know that all questions are always answered. In a country where perhaps there is hunger and that hunger needs to be satisfied by food for the body, there may be one who feels hopeless and unable to feed her family. A call is made for help and suddenly a thought of where to find food seems magically to appear in her mind. You might not think this could be related to the loving and freeing thoughts of your forgiveness, but bringing food to a starving family and bringing peace to a mind filled with hate can equally serve the Holy Spirit’s purpose.
“When anyone cries for help and it is your intention to free the world of pain, then you have offered the means by which all forms of pain may be healed. Food for the body and food for the soul comes from the same place.
“There is but one healing that is needed, and that is of your fearful, guilty thoughts. But when a thought cannot seem to move beyond the needs of the body then that is where the first healing must occur. This is why it is so important for you to realize and incorporate in your intention that everyone be healed along with you. You need not know how their needs are best answered, what form their healing will best take, but in your desire to offer healing to all, no one will be excluded.
“It is for you to be the presence of what healing is, to offer the assurance to all that there are no exclusions to Love. From this awareness, the Holy Spirit is able to cross all of the boundaries of ignorance and bring your gift where it is needed and in the form it is best understood.”