The Script Is Written

The issue of, “the script is written,” from ACIM Workbook, Lesson 158, is mainly misunderstood by most Course students. It is helpful first to remember that any “scrip” referred to is the script of our beliefs. The physical manifestation of those beliefs can be quite diverse, but, of course, all are the same in their outcome. Jesus tells us we continue to replay these scripts in many different forms until we change the belief behind them. It is for this purpose, repeating the scripts, that we have created the concept of time. Forgetting what has happened with each occurrence lets us firmly imprint the “reality” of our story that there is something wrong with us, that we are separate from God and from each other.
The script he refers to as having been written is that the dream we have attempted to make real by continuously replaying it was actually finished in the same instant it began. This script guarantees we will remember what is true. The only real script that is possible is of our changelessly loving Nature. Any script written by the ego must necessarily be constantly changing, for nothing of the ego is permanent.
He tells us this script is written to reassure us that we have not changed the reality of who we are so that we will not be confused by the endless stories we tell, each of them more compelling than the one before.
Within our stories we do try to change our experience constantly. We are convinced that changing what happens in the world will make us happy, keep us safe, even aid in our awakening. Letting us know that the story is actually already over, awaiting only our acceptance of our innocence, keeps us “pointed” in the right direction. Struggling to awaken from a dream only increases the need for further struggle. Surrender to “what is,” is what is needed.