The Source Of All Power

There is really only one Source of power, one motivating force in all the universe: It is the Love of God. It is the Love that created us and so is also ours. This Love is the unbreakable communication link between God and All That He has created. It is literally the “glue” that binds creation together as One. It is the one thing we all want because it is the Source of our Identity and the Purpose of our being. This Love lies dormant now, Its power seems lost, unrecognized because we have tried to deny Its very purpose, tried to separate from what it connects us to. But God assures our connection to Love has never been lost. The Holy Spirit dwells in every Mind, maintaining their connection as One. Call upon this Awareness in Love’s Name. Ask to remember It’s Purpose. Release yourself and your brother from lifetimes of needless struggle. Accept the one Truth that dispels all illusions: We are all, without exception joined in, and as the Love of God.