The World Is Changing

The world is changing. Our perception is changing. It will soon reflect a different, more peaceful perception than what we now see. One of the most dramatic changes we will note is that there will be many who find no need for the body to die. Not because we have found some new miraculous way to save it, or because it is important to who and what we are. This will happen because we are accepting it is irrelevant to who we are and so are finding less need to maintain our guilt and our separateness from one another. The awareness that sin is unreal has become stronger in our consciousness; the need to punish guilt is beginning to diminish. The escalation of hatred and violence we are seeing in the world is the egos response to this, but will abate as we become more certain that peace is what we want. Now it is even more important to remember that what “happens” in the world is of our making. It will be our choices that move the consciousness from fear to love. Every choice for forgiveness removes an ego opportunity to judge. Everyone you see as “sinless” will become a reassurance of our goal and a force for peace.