There Is No Sin

ACIM (WB 101) tells us “God’s Will for me is perfect happiness,” that this is so because there is no sin. To see how you feel about this, say to yourself, “my will for me is perfect happiness. There is no sin.” Then, “my will for the ‘terrorist’ is perfect happiness. There is no sin.” You must include both these statements because, in truth, they are the same statement. There is no sin. There is a fearful, guilty dream based on the single idea that sin is real. But there is no sin. God’s Voice speaks to us within the dream and invites us to awaken. Forgive the thoughts and acts you see within the dream that all arise from our belief that sin is real. Awaken to the reality that God is only Love, pure Love. And so we must be the same for there is no sin in the God that created us like Himself. We can change the world, but only if we change the belief from which we made it. There is no sin. And without a cause there is no hate, no fear or sickness. When you are tempted to justify anger because of what you see in the world, remember it is only there because you believe that sin is real. Affirm what you believe is true by forgiving every thought of “sin” you think or see. Let every former call for judgment become a call for love, because there is no sin.