There Is No Sin

There is an exercise I find very helpful to remind me, “there is no sin.” I sit quietly and let the thoughts of all those past and present I hold responsible for inflicting pain and suffering on the world come to me. As each name appears I say, “____________, my will for you is perfect happiness because there is no sin.” I feel the connection of my thoughts with theirs and say, “Let us forgive ourselves and come together, bringing peace to all the world. There is no sin.” Each time I do this I find the remnants of my own unforgiveness, my resistance to giving up the belief that sin is real. Doing this also helps me in situations where I had previously “automatically” judged someone. I catch myself more quickly now and think of these as opportunities to more fully accept, there is no sin. The belief in sin is strong. It is the cornerstone of our perception of separateness. It is the cause of all our wars and suffering, our earthquakes and hurricanes. It is the reason we deprive ourselves of everlasting Love. But together, thru forgiveness, we can change this belief because, in truth, there really is no sin.