This Moment

Stop for a moment and consider that without our invention of time, in the reality of God’s eternity this moment you are in is the same moment Creation began and will eternally exist exactly as it is. Thoughts will come and go, bodies seem to appear and disappear; worlds will arise and fall, and this moment will remain eternally the same. There is nothing in this moment you did not bring here because you are both the creator of the moment and giver of all the meaning that it has. Feel the peace that comes as you release all past interpretations of what this moment holds or why it has come to you. As your past perceptions fade watch how what had before seemed “your” mind become a limitless expanse of conscious awareness that engulfs and embraces what once seemed to be “other” minds, but here, in this one moment are all One. Everything and nothing is here and seen to be the same. The feeling of peace now is consumed with a sense of joy and you recognize this is the Love of God, the Treasure you long have sought. And you know it has always been here, in this moment free of time you are willing to accept exactly as it is.