Truth and Fairy Tales

The real meaning of forgiveness is lost until it has embraced everything we see. We cannot know what happiness is while excluding anyone from wholly deserving it. The indescribable joy of unconditional loving is elusive because we think love is present only where we see it and think it should be. The Truth we seek will not be found within our perception. Nor is it achieved through years of dedicated study. There will simply be a moment when you look into a brother’s eyes and see love looking back at you. And you will know this Love is who you are as well as who he is. In this same moment you will feel complete and know you are at Home in God. This moment is eternal, waiting only our acceptance, for the Truth of who we are has never changed. Accept it now, or tomorrow, it will be the same. What is real and true has always been, will always be, real and true. What isn’t real exists only in our imagination and deserves all the credibility we give to stories of fiction and other fairy tales.