Truth Or Illusion?

ACIM states its goal is to teach us to tell the difference between illusion and truth. This is fundamental to our awareness because we will make a world that mirrors whatever we think is true then use what we have made to justify our misperception. The world now seems to be a place where both truth and illusion can exist because our split mind has accepted both the ego and the God Self as real. But we must learn there is no place in our awareness to truthfully reconcile that both fear and love are real. There is one or the other, fear or love; truth or illusion. They are opposites and cannot co-exist in the Truth of Oneness. You cannot overlook, forgive the “atrocities” of a terrorist or the rude behavior of a friend if what they “do” has an impact on your world. Practice first forgiving your friends. Learn that what you are trying to change is the value you place on anything your eyes tell you is real. Only then will you feel open to a different kind of “seeing” and actively pursue a different Source of awareness. Practicing this in our daily choices is the process of “seeing differently,” awakening you to the power of loving.