Two Ways To See

There are two entirely different ways for us to think and see. Both are motivated by what we expect to find. One looks for what is wrong because it sees through a veil of guilt and finds a world made to meet its expectations. The other looks for a light it dimly remembers but cannot find with eyes that see the world guilt has made. But it persists, as it must do, for it cannot be satisfied with less than what is true.
Then in a quiet moment it hears a voice that whispers: Look within to find your innocence and the love that you seek. Then embraces all you see within that vision, allowing everything to be like yourself and part of what you are. You are the bringer of the Light. You are the holder of the truth and the Presence of Love. Give freely to everyone all that you ask for from me. Always remember, yours are the choices that release our consciousness from fear.