We Aere Not Victims Of The World

We are not the weak and helpless victims of a world, destined to experience inevitable pain and suffering and death as “payment” for our sins. We are co-creators of a universe, a Heaven, whose purpose is to experience and to express a joyous adventure of loving. We are not the weak and helpless characters in a dream of separation. We are the Dreamer Who will awaken to the truth of our God created one Self when finally the need to feel separate from our whole, one Self gives way to our desire to be loved.
This moment, and forever, we are as Love created us. There is nothing more to learn, nothing to become to achieve this. There is only to say “yes” to Love’s Presence, wherever we find it, and we will find It whenever we are open to giving or receiving love. Forgive yourself for being lost in an idea of sin that isn’t true, that only exists in a dream that will vanish when we have accepted God’s Love.