We Are Not At Home Among Our Fearful Thoughts

We are not at home among our thoughts that look for fault, anticipate pain and move us in isolation from one another. WE seem at times to wander among an ever-shifting stream of fearful, contradicting thoughts that lead nowhere. We wonder why peace seems so elusive, joy so quickly lost. The simple truth is our mind is filled with chaos because we have condemned ourselves. We judge everything we see because we have condemned the one who sees it.
We long to be free of the thoughts that plague us. We look for distraction in the4 things we do. We may even try surrendering our thoughts to our God Self. But until we have forgiven the only one we ever have really judged our perception of guilt must persist, and our thoughts will all justify that it is true.
Do take your belief to your God Self. But do so with the intention of surrendering not your thoughts, but the belief itself that there is something wrong with you. Forgive yourself and all your thoughts will then support a forgiven world.