We Are The World

We are learning that our world arises from our thoughts—that it can only be what we expect it to be. We also have learned that by forgiving our thoughts we withdraw the judgments we have made and open our mind to finding our loving and innocent Self. But this is a process we must practice daily in our choice making if we are to consciously change our mind about what is true.
Changing our mind is accomplished by moment to moment purposefully making choices that lead to an outcome that is different from what the ego perception accepts as true. It is trusting the inner Presence to remind us what is real and will not merely maintain the ego’s “status quo.”
Most who are committed to this goal are aware that this is true. Were we to ask anyone whose goal is to find the Truth if it is their wish to end pain and suffering, hatred and attack in the world, you would have unanimous agreement. Yet, at the end of the day how often can we look back and point to even one instance we have chosen to change our mind about what is true; to demonstrate to our consciousness that we wanted a world of peace and joy?
I am suggesting that we, The Forgiveness Network, consciously accept our role in changing the world. That we will watch for opportunities to use forgiveness instead of condemnation; we will recognize that in every circumstance there is an opportunity to see past what our perception tells us is there.
The power of “seeing differently” is the power to change the world. It is the way we finally can recognize that we have made the world everything it seems to be, and have the power to change it. And choosing now to find love there acknowledges our willingness to accept our own innocence in place of guilt.
Being a state of mind, the world must accommodate the purpose we have for it. We can choose now to make forgiveness our purpose here and let the world become the mirror of peace instead of pain. We can say we want to love and join with one another, but we do not fulfill this desire until we bring these choices to the world we have made.
Look for the opportunities you have to bring the vision of peace to our consciousness and to the world. Choose to let love be the answer for every problem you see. And trust in the nurturing Presence that gives you the ability to do this. Then share with us here the choices you have made. We all will benefit and be encouraged by what the other has done, and joining our intentions will make the effect they have even stronger. Let us hear from you!