Where do You Feel At Home?

We actually struggle to hold on to and keep ourselves in the hell of pain and sorrow, the world of death and destruction that we now claim as our “home.” At the same time, we mightily resist accepting the peace and joy and love of Heaven that forgiveness offers us. Both of these experiences are available to us because we make the world we see. We create a character that fulfills our ego’s vision of who we think we are and then make a world where that character can feel at home. We choose this world of bodies and differences, conflicts and pain, where death seems an alternative to life, over the Peace of Heaven God offers us because we believe there is something wrong with us. We look into the illusion we have made to replace Heaven and be the home of hate and think it is real and where we deserve to be. But Love has not abandoned us while we have turned away. Heaven has not ceased to exist in our denial of It. It is our world that is the dream. It is we who are asleep, not God. Change the world where you feel at home. Awaken to your loving Self by daring to love yourself. You cannot see anyone in Heaven, the Home of Love, until you do.