You Are The Dreamer, Not The Dream

You are not the “person” who is in pain; not the one who has fearful thoughts and quickly judges guilt. Nor are you the one who forgives to find the peace and joy, forgiveness brings. You are not the one within the dream, within the world that sin makes real. This person is a character in a story needed to support a “tiny mad idea,” that God’s Creation could become something else; that what is forever loving and filled with joy could be reduced to hate and suffering. You are the one who sleeps and dreams the dream of guilt and pain that has the need of forgiveness. One of these “beings” is the real, God created You. The other only an image in your mind. Trying to heal what is not real only reinforces the illusion of the dreamer and his dream. Ask the Holy Spirit on your behalf to forgive your belief that sin is real, then ask to see the face of Christ instead.