You Are Where Your Love Is

While reading the “Epilogue” following ACIM Teachers Manuel, listening to Brother say he is committing us to the care and guidance of the HS to lead us in God’s Plan for our awakening, a thought comes into my mind. It is a thought of the men’s department of the Macy’s store. It seems a silly, meaningless thought and I ignore its intrusion into my peaceful space. It persists and when I go with it I feel a welling up, even an increase of the loving feelings I had been experiencing. I let it grow and hear Brother say: “Learn to associate your presence with where you will your love to be.” As I sit with this the meaning expands and grows and shifts and grows. . . and continues even now. I remember a couple of weeks a ago a question arose: If I am not the character in my story, not in the world, where is the dreamer who seems to be me? “Where” am I? I hear him say again: “Learn to associate your presence with where your love is.” I sit with this and find new meaning in, “I am not a body, I am free. I am as God created me.” I am the living, loving Christ, here to listen to the Voice and be the presence of the GS in the world. As I learn to pay attention to GS Thoughts that appear in my mind I must see that I am not alone; I must recognize there is a Plan for us and as I respond to what is asked of me I become part of that Plan; I recognize I am both receiving what I need and giving what will help others. I see that we are joined in a loving Presence beyond our fear-filled perception. It now seems logical that my will is the Will of God, my voice and the Voice For God are one. I cannot be the character in this story of sin. Nor can you. The “reality” of the world begins to fade. I ask where I should will my love to be.