You Cannot Be Unhappy

All that we are is the Will of God. All that exists is the Will of the One Who created It, without which it would not exist. We cannot change the Will of God nor be separate from It. We cannot choose to be sick or to die because that is not God’s Will. We can deny God’s Will and dream of a character we make up that experiences sickness and death being real. God’s Will for us is perfect happiness and so we cannot be unhappy. We can only imagine a story of “why” we believe our character should be unhappy, but the you who is dreaming cannot actually be unhappy outside the dream. We cannot change the Will of God. This may seem irrelevant if you are having the experience of being sick or unhappy, but the distinction is vital if we are to learn how to let happiness in, let sickness go. It is not changing the “things” that seem to make us sick or unhappy. It is letting go of the belief that we can change the Will of God, or be separate from It. Just that. There is nothing for us to attain or become. There is only to surrender a fear that cannot be true and accept being loved beyond imagination.