You Cannot Decide "Selectively" Who to Love

When you think of yourself as separate, believing that your concerns and desires are different from others, you cannot interact—cannot join— with anyone, even those you might think you want to be close to. The ego does seem to be able to decide on who it will accept and those it must reject because the differences are too great. But in truth the need to be separate does not permit selectively choosing who is worth loving and who must fall short of your approval.
The need to be separate begins with the rejection of yourself and the belief that there is something wrong with you. This then becomes the way you see the world, for you see everything through the same perception that you see yourself. In this one thing is the ego perfectly consistent.
Become aware that every judgment made condemns, not just yourself, but every part of God’s Creation. And remember too each time you refuse to accept your story of guilt and fear as being true, your forgiveness frees you to see another world. An here, without the judgment of yourself, you are free to join, free to know the joy that comes with remembering how to love indiscriminately!